Adwool Review

Begin earning on mobile traffic

If you need to find advertisers or publishers for future cooperation, you can address a reliable affiliate network which will connect you with the most appropriate partners. Below is the Adwool review, which describes how both advertisers and publishers can earn on mobile traffic effectively.

About the company:

  • Country: Great Britain
  • Commission Type: CPA, CPI, CPL, CPR
  • Minimum Payment: $100
  • Payment Frequency: Net-30, Net-15, Weekly
  • Payment Method: PayPal, Wire
  • Referral Commission: 10%

Adwool is a mobile affiliate network which procures its clients with services of online marketing. The project is international. It works with more than 150 countries. The main goal of the network is to provide their clients with the best marketing results connected with mobile traffic. The network’s team always creates long and reliable relations with their registered users.

adwool review

The main features

The users of this network will enjoy the following advantages:

  1. The maximum Rate of Interest. All the company’s processes are elaborated in the way to bring users the best results.
  2. Well-experienced professionals who constantly work with various marketing campaigns.
  3. Broad possibilities of targeting. All the countries can cooperate with the project.
  4. Up-to-date analytics. All the users will have a comfortable panel where all the current statistics will be reflected. In case if you need to do any changes you will have all the necessary information for the analysis.
  5. Protection from frauds. All the traffic will be checked by the system and if there are any possibilities of cheating it will inform about that at once.
  6. Strategy analysis. If you need detailed information about your strategy you can easily order it from the network’s professionals. You will receive the detailed research and complete analysis of your actions. As a result, you will understand much better what could be wrong and what to do to raise your Rate of Interest.

The network for publishers

The project will provide publishers with the most beneficial monetization conditions. As to the price of offers, there are many reasons which can stipulate it. Thus, it can be affected by geotargeting, kinds of devices, etc. In any way, there will be no problems with finding the most appropriate offers for your case as their number is really broad. New offers are added daily and you will always have some choice.

The publishers with the best results also receive special bonuses. Namely, these are the offers with the highest rates, which consequently bring the best income.

Working with the network the publishers will have:

  • beneficial terms of cooperation
  • special offers for the best publishers
  • comfortable payment system

The network for advertisers

adwoolThe project works with developers who can assure high-quality promotion for various campaigns. They attract only the required audience, stipulated by its geographical location or other conditions. Advertisers can be sure they will be supplied by the most appropriate mobile audience. All the publishers go through moderation and any cheating is impossible.

Working with this network the advertisers will have:

  • targeting according to different requirements, like location, etc.,
  • reports on the marketing campaigns
  • user-friendly interface
  • payment for effective clicks only


How to start earning

To start earning with this affiliate network you should enter their website and start registration. You will need to answer all the questions in their forms, submit them and wait until you are registered. This process can hold some time as all the answers will be thoroughly checked. You should look through your forms attentively before submitting, as any mistakes can cause delays.

After you are registered you can start choosing the most applicable offers for you. If there are any questions, you can contact your personal manager who will reply all your questions.

To know more about the project enter their website: