Linking Mobile Review

  • Company Name: Linking Mobile
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Minimum Payment: £50
  • Commission Type: CPA, CPL, IN-app CPS
  • Payment Frequency: NET28
  • Payment Method: Wire

Linking MobileLinking Mobile is the very place where all major web and mobile transactions take pace. This is an award-winning network that brings some of the most trusted publishers and advertisers in one place. Both an find some of the most innovative and modern techs at The website features a user-friendly interface combined with simple and efficient navigation system. You will easily find a necessary section or complete an easy registration process. The platform operated on the base of LinkMAX technology letting you retrieve all necessary stats and analytics in real time at short notice.

Publishers’ Linking Mobile

If you are a publisher and want to join Linking Mobile, you will be pleased with minimum bureaucracy. As soon as you get to the, you will see a range of CPA rates you can ever find anywhere else. As a publisher, you will get a full access to all managing tools letting you keep control over the campaign or a brand. You are the one to decide what campaign to activate, where ti will be located and for how long. It will result in higher conversion and revenues. LinkMAX platform comes with intuitive interface where you can track the rate of your conversion and optimize a particular campaign in accordance with your preferences.

Linking Mobile for Advertisers

Linking Mobile ReviewIf you are and advertiser and want to join the network, the first thing you meet will be a dedicated and caring support team. Whenever you have problems with LinkMAX platform settings and integration, feel free to contact professional support team. They will do everything for you starting from registration to setting necessary CPA levels you want to pay a publisher. All you need is to insert necessary code. As soon as you are done, the campaign is launched. Use platform’s interface to track the activity of your campaign in real time.