Surikate Review

SurikateWhenever you look for an efficient and beneficiary mobile marketing solution, Surikate is certainly the one to consider. A French-based digital marketing agency delivers some of the best CRM solutions to developers from around the globe. The company was initially established as an advertising and marketing network, it has eventually grown into a huge marketplace featuring a range of innovative tools and efficient mobile development strategies. Its customers can benefit from an award-winning testing panel for mobile apps as well. According to the recent Surikate review, the company has successfully carried out iOS users’ behavior in the AppStore.

Here at developers can take the advantage of over 80,000 application users. They can use a panel to influence the level of retention as well as improve app lifespan. The main feature of the test panel is to receive all users’ responses and reflect their behavior in the AppStore. Developers have an opportunity to analyze the data received in form of a campaign report. Surikate professional team will also come in handy whenever you need assistance when implementing or modifying a successful marketing strategy.

What Do They Offer?

According to the information available at, the company offers several key services. They include:

  • Quality Traffic generation. The mobile world is a key to success for both developers and brands. Surikate discovers and introduces the most efficient ways of generation high traffic for your particular occasion. They bring targeted audience directly to your mobile platform;
  • Targeted Audience Identification. The company can boast 5-year experience featuring numerous efficient marketing solutions for mobile aps. It enables high-quality acquisition of users in addition to amazing retention;
  • Cost-effective Optimization Strategies. Surkate introduces proven experts in the field of mobile performance and acquisition methods. Customers will get an access to a global network of publishers as well as a selection of flexible and versatile campaigns.